The Power of Letting Go

Since the outbreak of COVID19 and with the increasing turbulence of the world around us, many of us are finding ourselves contemplating the roads we've traveled. A lot of us may even feel reluctant to return to life as we lived it before, but the prospect of potentially changing, of letting go in a journey towards self-liberation, might still feel just a little bit too daunting.

For many of us though, the question of where to now? often gets us entangled, our stomachs in knots due to the everyday concerns of jobs, finances, relationships and commitments. We can get overwhelmed by the idea that we are locked into these commitments endlessly. These sticky entanglements prevent us from seeing that the power to release ourselves, to choose something different, is and has always been in our hands.

Letting go gifts us the lightness of being, necessary to gain the perspectives to ask ourselves relevant, challenging questions. It is this practice of letting go of situations that no longer serve us, that disentangles and frees us from the energetic, emotional and mental prisons we have chosen to lock ourselves into.

It's no mistake that you found your way here. You may have experienced that moment of clarity, the one that gave you the feeling that you have the strength to embrace letting go... for so much more that is awaiting you and your family. Contemplating the changes you know you need to make may feel scary, but we're here to share that this is a journey we as a family are also traveling together this day, and if you allow us, it could be a journey we could travel together.


Where we’ve come from isn’t where we need to go back to.



Let go of what no longer serves you.

We invite you to ask yourself these questions:

What am I still carrying around within myself that is no longer necessary or no longer serving my family or I? What is that one thing that brings feelings of dread into the pit of my stomach every time I think about it? What are the situations in my life that paralyse me with fear? What is the one thing I can let go of right now that I would not miss? What's the one thing I really cannot live without?

Take a few deep breaths and consciously write down your answers to these questions.

Don't concern yourself now with thoughts of 'How can I let go of my situation? This is my job, this is our house, this is our living!' Just focus on the questions and what feelings they evoke in you.




We'd love to learn more about you and your family.
We have 20 mins put aside just for you!

You’re enough and you’ll always have everything you need!

If you know this is the adventure your family needs to take, then consider this your invitation to join us at Museley!

14 years ago we faced a significant opportunity for change, a challenge: the need to let go of almost everything we thought we knew to be true about life. What we came to understand was that change, when embraced, acted as a catalyst. It tapped into an intuitive vein and allowed us to see clearly the situations that were no longer serving us as a family. It allowed us to be completely OK with letting go of emotional attachments that no longer made sense. It liberated us, and we sold our mortgage, lifting a burden so heavy off our minds that we were finally able to see things that were always right in front of us, yet never quite visible.

We discovered that home is not a shelter, neither literally nor metaphorically. Home is a place within ourselves, within each and every one of us, and it is calling out for us to find it. We realised that to see possibility where previously we believed there was none, we had to awaken and free ourselves of the great lie we had willingly bought into: Living the Australian Dream.

In letting go of our engrained beliefs—that we were dependent on a job, a house, a car, our government, our possessions, our relationships—we disempowered the hold these conventions had on us. We became free of the debts we had allowed these beliefs to burden us with, and for the first time, we could see the true value and worth of our lives. We were now ready to wholly reinvest in ourselves and our family.

This new mindset reversed the polarity of hardship embedded into the concept of change and letting go, transforming it into a realisation of the ease and joy that is invited into life when change is welcomed in. Challenges now became the opportunities we sought to embrace as the fuel for transforming our lives. We had taken our first steps to being at home with ourselves and at home with our family.

Our twin children were 7 at the time, yet we included them in every detail and decision in the transformation of our lives. And by listening to our intuition—which kept daring us to ask the bigger questions and to re-purpose the voices of fear—we were confident enough to venture into uncharted waters.

In 2009 we began the adventure of homeschooling our children and launched our first small family business, conducting workshops on weekends. We were also out in nature as much as possible, taking direction from the in-the-moment inspiration led experiences that nurtured our natural curiosity and learning. We also examined what it was that we really needed to live on, and were able to reduce our outgoings expenses by 50%. Living in alignment with our truth became the blueprint for providing for all our needs. Out of this, a transformative idea was born.

An international project intended to meet and match the needs of all people, as well as their offerings, without borders or societal barriers all across the globe: EnergeticXChange. This non-profit project inspired a journey, one that has taken us to over 50 Countries on 6 Continents, which over the course of the last 12 years has seen us live every day of our lives together in the endeavour of joy, evolution and discovery. While the initial inspiration of this project has itself transformed, and now lives on in Museley, it was and continues to be, the essence of our journey to living a life where we always have everything we need.


Or Perhaps you might like to join us at our intimate family retreats in 2023. Take this moment to book 20 minutes to chat with us now!







This experience gave us the opportunity to take stock of our lives, who we really wanted to be. When we went home, we were inspired to create our own family business assisting families in Germany to live closer, more authentic lives.


You really saved my relationship with my daughter in a big way. I've been really deeply challenged. No one else is asking questions like this. You guys have tapped into something that is very special.


Personally we had never even considered doing a family retreat. The experience helped us realise we really had to find a way to live together, to be a team. The Intuition Game was very special!

This is an experience so worth doing!

This is our invitation to YOU from the heart, to join us!


It's no mistake you're here!

Over the course of 8 days and 7 nights through our wholly-immersive, intimate, integrated retreat of fun, play and learning, our family will share with your family, a framework that has challenged and served us everyday of our lives for the last 14 years.



  • Challenge and empower you by taking you through our uniquely curated questioning and familial communication process: Why Questions, Not Answers, designed to help you establish an enhanced coherence to your family communications, and enable you to consistently ask the relevant and connected questions needed to relaunch your life.
  • Tap into your inner Superpower by playing The Intuition Game, a fun yet practical game and tool our family intentionally created for your family to be able to trust your inner-directional compass in all the key challenges and decisions in your life.
  • Guide you through our Familial Disentanglement Workshop, which will help you become aware of and integrate the debilitating effects of unseen intergenerational bonds, and the weights and traumas you have carried as a result of them.
  • Facilitate our own brand of Pro-Action Cafe, a highly energetic and exhilarating exercise that harnesses the potential of your collective perspectives and creativity as a family, to litmus test the soundness of the ideas and new inspirations you have gathered together during the course. Together, with the wisdom of your peer families, you will intuitively construct the motivational process and successive steps to bring these new visions to life with harmony and joy.
  • Provide you and your family with deeply present and wholehearted support throughout the entirety of this culturally immersive unique retreat, to keep you and your family focused, energised and at ease.

A renewed sense of direction, curiosity and clarity for what is possible as a family. A drive to re-focus on your journey together and utilise this new energy and momentum to empower yourselves with your own vision of what it means to be at home in the world, in a complete energetic counter to the close-minded and overwhelmingly oppressive barrage of society's fearful narratives.

The wisdom to see why asking challenging questions daily of ourselves, as opposed to seeking answers, will be one of the greatest catalysts for your own personal and familial transformation.

A set of tools and a framework for self-guided practice that you will all want to participate in together, daily in your journey as a family. These are hands-on practices, games and actions that will engage everyone, everyday, long after our time together in the retreat is done.

An awareness of the entanglements, limiting beliefs and incoherence that has weighed you down, shrouding your perception of what you are truly capable of achieving when you work together as a family.

An ongoing community of families, who like yourself, have the courage and fortitude to see this journey through to its fruition.

A budding new coherence, equilibrium and determination within yourself that begins to reflect in every aspect of your relationships, paving connection, catharsis and peace into the road that leads to being at home with yourself, at home with your family and at home in the world.

After just 8 days together, you and your family will have:

Coherence begins within yourself...

Are you ready to ask the questions you need to ask?

Are you ready to be at home with yourself, at home with your family and at home in the world everyday of your lives?

We will:

Be one of just 8 families per retreat, in this limited series of At Home In The World Family Retreats.


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The Kaponay Family Journey...

14 years ago, we made a conscious choice to embrace change as the catalyst to creating a life lived together in coherence.

This investment and our subsequent adventures have taken us to over 50 countries on 6 continents.

Along our travels, we noticed the ever encroaching harmful ways stress, overwork, overcommitment and societal narratives, were taking families in separate directions and causing harm and disintegration to the health and well-being of families. COVID19 has also demonstrated now more than ever, why families need to seek their own, more viable and cohesive ways of living and working together.

We longed to share with families what we learned. This was how At Home In The World Family Retreats was born, and its very name embodies every aspect of this possibility as a constant in life.

To be at home with yourself is a vital step to being at home with your family, and at home with the world, no matter where you live.


Take Your First Step With Confidence!

Give your family the freedom to live your life together from the heart.


We believe that if you found your way here, you're ready to take that first step to creating the life you have always dreamed of living with your family.