How often have you asked this question? Are you the sum total of your education, your job/career, your relationships? Is this who you are, or rather, are you who you imagined you would be?Try remembering back to those fleeting moments of childhood. Just for a second, try to capture and savour that feeling when you basked in the sunlight of contentment, the perfect moment, your happy place, that home that you created within yourself. When did you leave that home? When did you stop listening to that inner voice? Did this perhaps also coincide with the first time you were made to feel a deep sense of shame for sharing what that inner voice had to say with others?

At some point, we were all convinced to stop listening to it, to stop consulting it, to stop trusting it and then, we eventually stopped hearing it. For most of us, this corresponded with that time in our lives when we were taught that information was the key to understanding everything vital in our lives. Information however, in the form and modalities in which it has been fed to us through school to our society and cultures, has neither empowered nor freed us. In fact, its meaning is exactly the opposite. It means to stand in an ordered line, dictated by one who commands - to be in-formation. Information has overloaded and confused us to the point where it has disconnected us from our true innate knowledge, from knowing and being at home with ourselves, and thus, has made us incoherent.

In the same vein, information has been professed to be the miracle that has brought us together and connected us like never before. Yet what it has done, is that it has simultaneously created voyeurs of many of us, who live whimsically for and through the posts of others lives, while it has also been intentionally weaponised against us, in an effort to divide and conquer us. It determines every aspect of our lives, from who our so called friends are, to what we buy and are sold, how we should behave, what we should be posting to social media, all the way to influencing the very core of the thoughts that we are having right now.

In-formation is quite literally permeating every particle of your being, bombarding you without relent electromagnetically, with the intention of disrupting your inner coherence and further enslaving you.


Who are we really?

Re-Membering your SuperPower - Intuition

Re-membering our Intuition.

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Information is not knowledge and knowledge is not coherence.

Information has also quite intentionally been wrongly sold to us as knowledge. Knowledge, or the word as it is used today, denotes a general understanding with a subject, place or situation, which is a complete distortion of its originally intended meaning. The word knowledge has foundations in many languages and cultures, but one of its most significant meanings comes from the Greek word Gnosis or known. This refers not only to a deep inner understanding of oneself and our well-being, but also to the way we relate to the sum total of who we are, or as we are known in the universe.

This is why the road to knowing yourself, to inner coherence, cannot as society would have you believe, be derived from the consumption and digestion of information external to who you truly are. This is information that is itself, erroneously founded in incoherence.

Think back again to when you were that happy child. How did you know who you were? How did you know you were content? You just felt it inside you. It was a feeling so strong and so natural that you were instinctively guided to follow its direction, certain that it would lead you to where you needed to be. You knew what you liked. It was a gnosis, a knowing deeper than all of the information you had accumulated throughout your entire life. It is a knowing that is inherent to your cells, passed down from generation to generation. It is a RE-MEMBRANCE, a putting back together of what you have always known to be. It is assessing a situation and acting based on the experiences that are encoded deep inside you. This is gnosis. This is your intuition! THIS IS YOUR SUPERPOWER!

So how do you get back to that point of gnosis? How do you transcend the bridge of information to inner knowing, to coherence? Well, you do what you did as a child instinctively. You ask a plethora of questions that naturally come to mind nurtured by your curiosity, and then you use your inner superpower, your intuition, to gain your true north direction. This is every humans inherent gift!

Whether you have heard its calling, whether you’ve utilised it or not, it is important to know that you have a very real superpower. When engaged it will enable you to push the envelope of your life and reality in a way in which you will never feel the harsh pull of its gravity. Intuition is an innate human tool that allows you to anticipate the curves and bends of this existence, so that you can lean into the turns and get the most out of the ride, without the fear of falling or the fear of dissonance affecting the choices we make.

Intuition acts as a compass of unsurpassable accuracy for the directions you need to take on the road to being at home with yourself. It is that clear and guiding way-marker we can trust on our journey towards inner coherence, undiluted by the often overwhelming in-formation we are presented with in our daily lives.

Why developing intuition as a family became our priority.

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Over the last 14 years as a family, we have made it a conscious choice to listen intently to our intuition and to trust its guidance and direction in our lives together. In fact, we thought it so important that we created a game that we could all play to attune ourselves to this superpower in a way that was fun and interactive, while also flexing the necessary inner memory muscles to more easily recognise Intuition's frequency.

However, prior to realising we had this superpower, we were that mild-mannered family living in Metropolis, encapsulated and paralysed by our uncertainties, fears and pressures that we, society and our loved ones were projecting upon us.

It was 2008 when my wife Bobi and I started to feel that our lives were no longer our own. I was working an unsustainable 80 hours a week in the software industry as a professional sales manager, reaching the verge of burnout. Bobi was racing around all day, taking our children to school and then ferrying them to every extracurricular activity you could think of. We were spending less and less time together as a family, and had a terrible sense of dis-ease, a foreboding that if we continued this way, very soon we wouldn't even be able to recognise each other.

Despite feeling a deep despair in our hearts, Bobi, following her intuition, began to invest her energies in researching all sorts of alternative ways we could be together as a family.

We very quickly started to realise that the power to choose something different was always within our own hands, and that it came down to asking questions. Instead of seeing the limiting outcomes before us, which we so easily could have allowed to overwhelm us, we started a process of asking challenging questions of ourselves. The more we dug deeper at these intrinsic and inviting questions, the more we felt in re-alignment with our inner selves.

These were some of the questions we asked: What are the situations/work engagements/relationships that I am invested in, that are no longer in alignment with my well-being, and what am I not seeing about them? What do I need to see here that I am not seeing presently? What is the change that I need to invite into my life now? How can we become a family in coherence? How can we work together to generate harmonious and fulfilling outcomes in our lives? What else is possible here that we have not yet even imagined?

These questions gave us the opportunity to have a different perspective, to open up to and invite in the limitless possibilities and potentials of infinite outcomes. And through the process of asking these questions, we quite literally, started engaging our SuperPower - Intuition and re-membering (the act of putting back together what was once assunder), who we are. This triggered in us a remembrance of our capabilities, and utilising intuition, we were instantly able to sense and recognise destructive repeating patterns that we were now able to see clearly, and either to break or reset, based on what our intuition was telling us. This was the act that launched it all. All it took for everything to change, was for us to change everything, and when I say change I don't mean it in the way that it is associated with loss or walking away with something less, but with metamorphosis and a sense of gnosis of oneself.

We were so enchanted by the results, we created a game that we could play as a family so that we could practice the honing of our intuitive superpowers in a fun, interactive and engaging way. This game is part of a process we utilise in our family retreats, but it available for you and your family here today.

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This experience gave us the opportunity to take stock of our lives, who we really wanted to be. When we went home, we were inspired to create our own family business assisting families in Germany to live closer, more authentic lives.


You really saved my relationship with my daughter in a big way. I've been really deeply challenged. No one else is asking questions like this. You guys have tapped into something that is very special.


Personally we had never even considered doing a family retreat. The experience helped us realise we really had to find a way to live together, to be a team. The Intuition Game was very special!

This is an experience so worth doing!

This is our invitation to YOU from the heart, to join us!


It's no mistake you're here!

Over the course of 8 days and 7 nights through our wholly-immersive, intimate, integrated retreat of fun, play and learning, our family will share with your family, a framework that has challenged and served us everyday of our lives for the last 14 years.



  • Challenge and empower you by taking you through our uniquely curated questioning and familial communication process: Why Questions, Not Answers, designed to help you establish an enhanced coherence to your family communications, and enable you to consistently ask the relevant and connected questions needed to relaunch your life.
  • Tap into your inner Superpower by playing The Intuition Game, a fun yet practical game and tool our family intentionally created for your family to be able to trust your inner-directional compass in all the key challenges and decisions in your life.
  • Guide you through our Familial Disentanglement Workshop, which will help you become aware of and integrate the debilitating effects of unseen intergenerational bonds, and the weights and traumas you have carried as a result of them.
  • Facilitate our own brand of Pro-Action Cafe, a highly energetic and exhilarating exercise that harnesses the potential of your collective perspectives and creativity as a family, to litmus test the soundness of the ideas and new inspirations you have gathered together during the course. Together, with the wisdom of your peer families, you will intuitively construct the motivational process and successive steps to bring these new visions to life with harmony and joy.
  • Provide you and your family with deeply present and wholehearted support throughout the entirety of this culturally immersive unique retreat, to keep you and your family focused, energised and at ease.

A renewed sense of direction, curiosity and clarity for what is possible as a family. A drive to re-focus on your journey together and utilise this new energy and momentum to empower yourselves with your own vision of what it means to be at home in the world, in a complete energetic counter to the close-minded and overwhelmingly oppressive barrage of society's fearful narratives.

The wisdom to see why asking challenging questions daily of ourselves, as opposed to seeking answers, will be one of the greatest catalysts for your own personal and familial transformation.

A set of tools and a framework for self-guided practice that you will all want to participate in together, daily in your journey as a family. These are hands-on practices, games and actions that will engage everyone, everyday, long after our time together in the retreat is done.

An awareness of the entanglements, limiting beliefs and incoherence that has weighed you down, shrouding your perception of what you are truly capable of achieving when you work together as a family.

An ongoing community of families, who like yourself, have the courage and fortitude to see this journey through to its fruition.

A budding new coherence, equilibrium and determination within yourself that begins to reflect in every aspect of your relationships, paving connection, catharsis and peace into the road that leads to being at home with yourself, at home with your family and at home in the world.

After just 8 days together, you and your family will have:

Coherence and change begins within yourself...

Are you ready to ask the questions you need to ask?

Are you ready to be at home with yourself, at home with your family and at home in the world everyday of your lives?

We will:

Be one of just 8 families per retreat, in this limited online series of At Home In The World Family Retreats.


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The Kaponay Family Journey...

14 years ago, we made a conscious choice to embrace change as the catalyst to creating a life lived together in coherence.

This investment and our subsequent adventures have taken us to over 50 countries on 6 continents.

Along our travels, we noticed the ever encroaching harmful ways stress, overwork, overcommitment and societal narratives, were taking families in separate directions and causing harm and disintegration to the health and well-being of families. COVID19 has also demonstrated now more than ever, why families need to seek their own, more viable and cohesive ways of living and working together.

We longed to share with families what we learned. This was how At Home In The World Family Retreats was born, and its very name embodies every aspect of this possibility as a constant in life.

To be at home with yourself is a vital step to being at home with your family, and at home with the world, no matter where you live.


We believe that if you found your way here, you're ready to take that first step to creating the life you have always dreamed of living with your family.

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Give your family the freedom to live your life together from the heart.