We live in a world where we are constantly reminded of the values and advantages of having a good state based education. There are literally thousands of papers, studies, and dissertations on the correlation between a good education and ones economic prospects in life. This correlation however serves nothing more than to perpetuate a narrative of control - a false one whose origins lie in the revolutions of the very beginning of the industrial age and whose termination point ends where your education is merely utilised as a conduit to how much tax the state can extract from you. This is literally how the state actually value your worth and in doing so, makes you an economically indentured commodity, one they own. Perhaps worse than this realisation is how this narrative has played out with the intentional and complete disintegration of what was the rock solid foundation of all modern societies, the family. And we have gone from there to here in just 200 years.


The real reason why nation states instituted compulsory state led education & the effects it continues to have on your family today!

A House Divided

A house divided against itself cannot stand - Abraham Lincoln

It is not too hard to see why our societies are rapidly crumbling today at the core of their foundations, for it is their integrity which has been intentionally compromised.

Industrialisation, Civil Wars, & Population Control

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The beginning of the industrial revolution also happened to coincide with the foundation of the first nation states as we know them today. The notion of national patriotism, the kind we are constantly bombarded with, was, at the time, a novel concept. In 1850, the percentage of people living in urban areas in the US was just 15%. In Europe and Russia, this was even less. Most people lived in small rural or regional areas where their association with a national identity had little to no consequence in their lives. However, with the advent of large scale industrialisation, including new factories and production centres in urban areas, in the 1860s and 1870s, there was suddenly a need for a mass of workers. This was when the notion of nationalism, associated with belonging to something bigger than the family, was created as a tool of manipulation over the people. And all of this was implemented via a State sponsored compulsory education programme. Of course, this was sold to the masses as being something that would massively improve the quality of their lives, however, nothing from the state comes for free.

In Prussia, it was the Krupp Family, the worlds foremost and largest arms manufacturers who influenced the State of Prussia to implement educational systems to ensure their factories would have the necessary 75,000 workers to keep production in line with demand for their weapons of destruction. Along with the wonderful offering of free education for all his workers' children, Alfred Krupp, patriarch of the family, created the Generalregulativ - a constitution that demanded workers declare an oath of loyalty to the company, which later influenced the development and adoption of the Führerprinzip, created by Adolf Hitler. This policy required workers to obtain written permission from their foremen when they needed to use the toilet and issued proclamations telling his workers not to concern themselves with national politics. Here, while children were schooled, they were schooled with the very specific objective of demonstrating obedience and loyalty to the Krupp business. 

In Augustina S Paglayan's 2022 article published by Cambridge Press in the American Political Science Review (Volume 116, Issue 4)  "Education or Indoctrination? The Violent Origins of Public School Systems in an Era of State-Building", she sights key evidential correlation between the elites wishing to utilise and implement state led schooling as a means for control of the population. This was at a time where Civil War and the very real prospect for regime change, served as a mass catalyser for the elite to institute compulsory education.

Her work examines civil conflicts spanning from 1830 to 2015 and her conclusions are well supported by a strong data set. In simple terms, she concludes "that the ruling elites perceive education as a tool to prevent future threats against the central government. This is because education can promote long-term social order by convincing future citizens to accept the status quo and respect the state's authority." 

The article further argues that "national elites can minimise the risks of educating the masses by designing primary education institutions that prevent the development of aspirations that threaten the established order." It is not hard to see today just how dumbed down the State Schooling system has become and how it has been transformed into a weapon against the family unit. Manipulative ideologies such as Nationalism, Patriotism, Wokeism, and the way their very specific dogmas have been used as narratives within schools to exploit children and divide and conquer at the cost of family cohesion, serves as evidential backing to Pagylayans' conclusions . 

While one might argue that primary education in the 1800s much improved the lives and prospects of its recipients, one cannot ignore the real reasons elites instituted compulsory primary education. "According to the advocates for the expansion of state-regulated primary education, the state had a stake in how children were raised, and primary schools could instill respect for the state and its laws, preventing violence, crime, and dissident behaviour, and promoting long-term political stability by shaping children's moral character. The idea was that by teaching values of moderation and self-sacrifice, and inculcating the belief that happiness resulted from accepting one's lot, primary schools could convince the masses from a young age to be content with what they had. Additionally, schools could shape behaviour by instilling fear of punishment for misbehaviour and promoting rewards for proper behaviour, and cultivate unconscious habits of compliance and deference simply through repetition." 

With policies such as this intentionally created in the 1800s and fastidiously followed through over the course of the last two centuries, it is not hard to see how we may have already transcended the realms of what George Orwell dreamed up in 1984 and how we are rapidly approaching what  Aldous Huxley envisioned in Brave New World.

The family unit has been eroded by a mole for last 200 years. In institutionalising this kind of thinking in children, at an age where they are so vulnerably susceptible to a permanent imprinting, you take the values of the State and superimpose suzerainty over the integrity of the family. There is a name for this and it is called grooming, and make no mistake, the efficacy with which the state led schooling system is grooming your children today, is tipping us to a point of population collapse. 

How Can I Take Back Our Freedom?

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The answer is very simple. If your children are still in a state sponsored schooling system (whether private or public school), take your children out of school, NOW!

It is the one thing that will change EVERYTHING in your family!

Perhaps you might say, but I cannot do this, my partner and I work full-time just to make ends meet.

If you've read all the way to here, you are most likely the kind of people who feel that despite all of the challenges, you know that things have to change and you are just seeking a way how.

This is where Museley can be of assistance to you!

At Museley: We have created a pathway for parents like you!

  • We created a diverse variety of resources, including articles, courses, online gatherings, Museley Circles (specialised mini-communities of learning), invited special guests and experts, along with our global community of families, to provide parents with the tools and support you will need to help your children's education flourish, in a flexible and collaborative manner.
  • A process of partnership between parents and children, where children are welcomed as equal partners in the learning process. This is something that has seen our children and so many children we have worked and traveled with, thrive in the most inspirational and spectacular of ways.
  • A family adventure in itself, that is taken together and allows children to realise through the learning process that they are trusted, capable and fully empowered to make their own well-informed decisions about who they are and who want to become, always supported by the ones that they love and who love them the most!
  • A way that you can rekindle and reclaim your relationship with your children before its too late! A way in which you can create a new covenant between you and your children that will span your lifetime.



This experience gave us the opportunity to take stock of our lives, who we really wanted to be. When we went home, we were inspired to create our own family business assisting families in Germany to live closer, more authentic lives.


You really saved my relationship with my daughter in a big way. I've been really deeply challenged. No one else is asking questions like this. You guys have tapped into something that is very special.


Personally we had never even considered doing a family retreat. The experience helped us realise we really had to find a way to live together, to be a team. The Intuition Game was very special!

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Over the course of 8 days and 7 nights through our wholly-immersive, intimate, integrated retreat of fun, play and learning, our family will share with your family, a framework that has challenged and served us everyday of our lives for the last 14 years.



  • Challenge and empower you by taking you through our uniquely curated questioning and familial communication process: Why Questions, Not Answers, designed to help you establish an enhanced coherence to your family communications, and enable you to consistently ask the relevant and connected questions needed to relaunch your life.
  • Tap into your inner Superpower by playing The Intuition Game, a fun yet practical game and tool our family intentionally created for your family to be able to trust your inner-directional compass in all the key challenges and decisions in your life.
  • Guide you through our Familial Disentanglement Workshop, which will help you become aware of and integrate the debilitating effects of unseen intergenerational bonds, and the weights and traumas you have carried as a result of them.
  • Facilitate our own brand of Pro-Action Cafe, a highly energetic and exhilarating exercise that harnesses the potential of your collective perspectives and creativity as a family, to litmus test the soundness of the ideas and new inspirations you have gathered together during the course. Together, with the wisdom of your peer families, you will intuitively construct the motivational process and successive steps to bring these new visions to life with harmony and joy.
  • Provide you and your family with deeply present and wholehearted support throughout the entirety of this culturally immersive unique retreat, to keep you and your family focused, energised and at ease.

A renewed sense of direction, curiosity and clarity for what is possible as a family. A drive to re-focus on your journey together and utilise this new energy and momentum to empower yourselves with your own vision of what it means to be at home in the world, in a complete energetic counter to the close-minded and overwhelmingly oppressive barrage of society's fearful narratives.

The wisdom to see why asking challenging questions daily of ourselves, as opposed to seeking answers, will be one of the greatest catalysts for your own personal and familial transformation.

A set of tools and a framework for self-guided practice that you will all want to participate in together, daily in your journey as a family. These are hands-on practices, games and actions that will engage everyone, everyday, long after our time together in the retreat is done.

An awareness of the entanglements, limiting beliefs and incoherence that has weighed you down, shrouding your perception of what you are truly capable of achieving when you work together as a family.

An ongoing community of families, who like yourself, have the courage and fortitude to see this journey through to its fruition.

A budding new coherence, equilibrium and determination within yourself that begins to reflect in every aspect of your relationships, paving connection, catharsis and peace into the road that leads to being at home with yourself, at home with your family and at home in the world.

After just 8 days together, you and your family will have:

Coherence and change begins within yourself...

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Are you ready to be at home with yourself, at home with your family and at home in the world everyday of your lives?

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The Kaponay Family Journey...

14 years ago, we made a conscious choice to embrace change as the catalyst to creating a life lived together in coherence.

This investment and our subsequent adventures have taken us to over 50 countries on 6 continents.

Along our travels, we noticed the ever encroaching harmful ways stress, overwork, overcommitment and societal narratives, were taking families in separate directions and causing harm and disintegration to the health and well-being of families. COVID19 has also demonstrated now more than ever, why families need to seek their own, more viable and cohesive ways of living and working together.

We longed to share with families what we learned. This was how At Home In The World Family Retreats was born, and its very name embodies every aspect of this possibility as a constant in life.

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