Museley is your family-centric social-network learning hub. A space that offers transformative avenues for families to reset the course and direction of their lives together. We provide online, specialised Community Circles that support Family Learning, Family Business, Health & Wellness, Children's Education & Development, The Arts, and Human Consciousness.

We are a trusted source of timely and relevant Family News, Podcasts, Expert Guests, Live Family Events and Family Retreats all centred towards developing and fostering family coherence.

What Is Museley?

Why Join Museley?

We are the only online hub bringing families together from around the world who are all navigating life's daily challenges. As families, we are all wanting to create deeper, authentic, more meaningful family connections. Museley provides the platform and resources so that we can learn, support and lift each other up through shared experiences.

What You'll Receive

Our community, courses, and events are quite unique. They focus on pattern-changing actions that by nature, have a huge impact on your family's life. Just some of the benefits our families have gained include:

  • Receiving authentic support in their family's journey towards coherence, from a global peer community, all navigating similar daily challenges.
  • Learning and applying new, practical skills intentionally designed to help deepen their connection across all ages and throughout the many different phases of life.
  • Recognising existing destructive patterns in their lives, often inherited from intergenerational trauma - re-signifying these experiences and making peace with them, thereby creating new, more fulfilling trajectories towards their own version of a coherent life, individually, as a family and as humanity.

Get immediate access to our Workshops, Courses, Events, Family Games and Live + In-Person Gatherings.

  • All our cutting-edge tools, frameworks & courses come with video guidance and are designed to strengthen and rejuvenate family bonds.
  • Our workshops aim to create a sense of unity—celebrating the diversity of family life and fostering a trusted global support network.
  • Our live and in-person events showcase and celebrate the strength of coherent families, honouring the diverse perspectives of families from different cultures all around the world.
  • Our exclusive At Home In the World Family Retreats and At Home In The World Family Weekends are announced first on Museley, ensuring priority access to our community members before anyone else.

Museley is dedicated to enriching minds, inspiring adults and children alike, and forging connections on our collective journey towards coherence.

It is a community built by families, for families, who are ready to experience a more meaningful, fulfilling life together.

Are you and your family ready to transform your lives?

How We're Different

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Connect With Your Family

On A Much Deeper Level

Rewrite Your Family Story

Museley is a space where you can create a new way of living.

As a family, you can reconfigure and reset the course and trajectory of your story.

Family is the first casualty of our societies.

Work, the pressure to provide a home, and the basic costs of living have disintegrated family relationships.

Many families have lost their centre and struggle to stay together.

Museley is the space where you can learn to thrive again together, through reinvesting in the greatest asset you have, YOU.

How can you maximise your family strengths and deepen your relationships?


Gain the essence of what we have to offer in this one-off fun, engaging, & transformative 7-day email series.

Key aspects of what we have learned through

holding our At Home In The World Family Retreats have been integrated into every part of the Museley learning experience.

Listen to what our retreat families have had to say on how working with our family and our core Museley framework, transformed their lives.

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Rekindle your relationships with your children.

Societal structures have intentionally ensured that, for generations, the relationship between parents and children have been under a constant, systemic attack, promoting antagonism, opposition and reaction.

Recapture the heart-centred essence of your relationship with your children. Forge a new, deeper, more connected and meaningful connection. Museley is here to help you create a new covenant between you and your child/children.

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Rejuvenate your love of learning together.

In this world, love of learning is too often stifled and categorised into boxes of conformity. Learning should be like breathing, and what more natural an experience than to learn together as a family.

Museley is that unique space, where you can transform your vision of what it is to learn together, and in taking this journey, appreciate the diversity of perspectives, reaping the immense benefits that family learning can produce.

We have dedicated the last 15 years of our life as a family to creating relevant and timely, Circles of Learning, Courses, Family Gatherings and Family Retreats, all dedicated to enhancing what it means to learn as a family.


Harness the strength of our community.

Community is a portmanteau of the words Common and Unity. Museley is a space where we will forge a new type of

common unity together.

Come experience the strength, inclusivity and richness that a global community built by families, for families, can provide.

This is a space where everyone benefits from the shared experiences, wisdom and the wealth we create in coherence as a community.


Ask the big questions.

The societies in which we live have conditioned us to believe we need to seek answers to the challenges that we face in life.

Come flip the script at Museley and learn to ask powerful questions.

Asking the relevant questions for every aspect of your life, offers a new contextual reference point to your life's journey, individually, as a family and as a community.

At Museley, you can empower your family by learning to ask the questions that will change the course and trajectory of your lives forever.


Come be At Home In The World.


Gain the essence of what we have to offer in this one-off fun, engaging, & transformative 7-day email series.


  • We've all had enough of living in shallow waters and are seeking depth, but the prospect of changing things is still a little daunting.
  • I know we can do something different, something together, but I'm just not sure where to start.
  • We are longing to live a more meaningful and connected life together, but we're still getting stuck on how to balance the finances, jobs, the mortgage, our children, school and our relationships.
  • We need to find a way to live where we can all thrive.

Museley may be the catalyst your family needs to relaunch your lives in 2024!

  • Something has changed. Since COVID19, I've been questioning many things. I often wonder how we can live without having to play by the rules of someone else's game.



This experience gave us the opportunity to take stock of our lives, who we really wanted to be. When we went home, we were inspired to create our own family business assisting families in Germany to live closer, more authentic lives.


You really saved my relationship with my daughter in a big way. I've been really deeply challenged. No one else is asking questions like this. You guys have tapped into something that is very special.


Personally we had never even considered doing a family retreat. The experience helped us realise we really had to find a way to live together, to be a team. The Intuition Game was very special!

This is an experience so worth doing!

To be at home with yourself is a vital step to being at home with your family, and at home in the world, no matter where you live.

Discover the perfect blend of practicality and transformation
for your family, courtesy of our family!

Sample the essence of At Home In The World Family Retreats through this one-off email series!

On a cold Winter's day in 2009, we made a conscious choice to change the story we were living.

That story was an 80+ hr work week, two children in school with endless after-school activities, and a house with a crushing mortgage.

Underneath all the noise of Society, which told us that this separate, divided existence was the pinnacle of a healthy, normal family life, we somehow knew that this was not the life we were meant to be living.

Our first step to creating our own definition of coherence was to let everything we'd seemingly built go.

We sold the house, decided to experiment with Homeschooling for a year, and took a 6 month roadtrip around Australia.

More than 15 years later, the story we chose to write together as a family has taken us to over 50 countries on 6 continents.

Our two 'world-schooled' children have grown, with our son now the creator of his own travel business, and our daughter an acclaimed published author.

However, there were many days where we wondered if the financial instability and all around uncertainty of the new life we had chosen was worth it, even if that life was filled with exploring many corners of the world along the way.

But it was exactly these travels that shone an inescapable light on the ever-encroaching harmful ways that stress, overwork, overcommitment and societal narratives are taking families in separate directions, and causing harm and disintegration to the health and well-being of families everywhere.

COVID19 has also demonstrated, now more than ever, why families need to seek their own, more viable and cohesive and communal ways of living and working together. And if we learned anything in over a decade of living in cramped spaces on the road, wrestling with the internet, (and each other — four very strong personalities all working in wildly different career spaces to make ends meet) it's that.

Museley is our shared family brainchild.

All four of our hearts and all four pairs of our hands working together to create a space where you and your family can come to breathe easy again.

Where you can press pause on all that incessant babble out there telling you what your family should look like, act like, behave like, be like.

This family centric social network hub is built for you by us, a family who can empathise with exactly what you’re going through, and wants to help you reconnect with the story you know you’re meant to be living in this life.

And the secret is, you’re not meant to do it alone. You never were.

Your family is a super-power like no other in the world. A power our modern societies actively seek to dismantle.

But when families come together to learn, work and live in a manner that is coherent and authentic to them, the world changes from the inside out.

By showing up for our own inner worlds first, we become at home with ourselves, which leads to being at home with our families, which in turn leads to being at home in the world, no matter where you live.

This is the essence of what we have to share, both online at Museley and in-person at our At Home In the World Family Retreats.

We see your commitment to your family and your bravery in wanting to choose a life that is in alignment with your needs.  

We’re so glad you're here and we’re so excited to travel this next phase of your family journey together. 

-George, Bobi, Réka & Lalika


The Kaponay Family Journey...



Perhaps you would like to explore alternative ways in which you can work or collaborate with us.

Book a no-charge 20 minute slot to chat with us.

While there is no charge we do ask one thing, that you make a commitment to yourself to show up fully.



What are my member benefits at Museley?

Is Museley free to join?

How can I join Museley?

What do you mean by 'living a coherent life?'

What are Museley Circles?

  • You receive immediate, all-inclusive, unrestricted access to cutting-edge tools, frameworks, resources, courses and workshops, as well as timely and relevant family news, podcasts, live streaming events, expert guests, and in-person family gatherings, all under one roof, designed and intended to support your family's journey toward coherence.

Is Museley safe and secure for my family?

How does Museley support children's education and development?

What kind of special events or gatherings does Museley run?

  • Coherence is a journey, not a destination. However, living a coherent life is characterised by a sense of purpose, and striving for the alignment between one's thoughts, feelings and actions. It is a life that feels whole, integrated, and in harmony with one's deepest aspirations and intentions. A coherent life is not necessarily one that is free of challenges or obstacles, but rather one that is lived with a sense of clarity, intentionality, direction and purpose. To create a coherent life, individuals and families may choose to engage daily in learning, introspection, and reflection, and then commit into action all they have learnt. Those dedicated to living a coherent life may benefit from the support and guidance of a community or network, such as the one offered by Museley.
  • Museley is your space to gain perspective on how to balance the practical daily issue of work, finances, the mortgage, children, school, your relationships and all the daily obstacles you face which stand in the way of creating and living a more connected, harmonious and coherent family life.
  • Not only is everything conveniently accessible to you in one, constantly evolving and inspiring online location, Museley is also a rich community of families travelling a similar journey to you. Reap the benefits of being enriched by their stories, of sharing in the wisdom of challenges overcome and struggles faced as a family. None of us are alone on this path, and time is not something we have to fear running out of it when choosing this journey consciously.

I don't know if I have time for something like Museley... How is this practical for my family?

  • Museley is offered to our community members on a Pay-What-You-Feel-It's-Worth basis. This does not mean it is free. Pay-What-You-Feel-It's-Worth is a new model that empowers you, our community member, to value our services in a manner that accurately reflects the value you feel you are receiving, balanced with honouring the time, work and effort it takes for our family to create and maintain this community in your service.
  • If you cannot contribute via a monetary contribution, there are many other ways in which you can contribute to the support and upkeep of our community. Join us to find out how.
  • Click on any of the big pink buttons on this website, or select the purple Sign Up button at the very top right hand corner of the page. For the security and safety of all our family community members, anyone who joins Museley will be asked to answer a small series of questions which get to the essence of why you are joining our community. This is to ensure we have no AI, bots, or corporations joining to try and collect information on our community.
  • Once you have responded to these questions, one of our Museley hosts or ambassadors will review and in most cases, approve your request to join within 24 hours.
  • Yes, absolutely! We hold the personal well-being and confidentiality of your family’s experience in the highest regard and care. Museley is a protected, private, online space, where your personal information, details and family are protected by our secure and vetted community platform. Your details and situation will never be shared or sold with any third-party entities in the business of monetising communities for personal gain.
  • Museley Circles are mini communities within themselves at Museley, each one with its own specific area of specialisation and expertise to add. They provide a space for families to learn and connect around specific topics, such as family learning, family business, health and wellness, children's education & development including alternative learning, the arts, & human consciousness. Circles are intended to help community members get to the heart of their interests from the moment they join, with specific content focused on helping them and their family ask the big questions, in a supported community environment.
  • As a family, we Worldschooled our children while living and learning from the countries and cultures of 53 different countries on 6 continents. We bring our experience, and a vast array of the world's leading exponents of the most creative and rewarding ways you can learn together with your children.
  • We explore the many different forms of innovative methods and modes of learning with children, including and not limited to: in-the-moment-inspiration-led-learning; Natureschooling; Homeschooling; Unschooling and Worldschooling. We champion the ways children and adults together can become equal stakeholders in what becomes a life long journey of learning together as a family. 
  • At Museley we have a range of events that we ourselves have curated intentionally to meet you and your family's needs. These start from online, live-streamed events that follow topics-of-the-month, which include invited special guests and experts in their fields and is designed to host community discourse and discussion.
  • We also run At Home In The World Family Weekends. These are a series of gatherings that run over the course of a weekend, allowing a handful of families at a time to participate in an intensive weekend of workshops, learning sessions and family games. These events are intended for parents and their children of all ages, to bring our community together in-person to share in its richness, and will be held for the 2024 season from September onwards in the idyllic, retreat-town of Bowral, just a short hour's drive from Sydney, Australia.

Thank you for taking the time to explore our website.
Gain the essence of what we have to offer in this one-off fun, engaging, & transformative 7-day email series.

We acknowledge the Eora Nation and Gadigal People, the Traditional Custodians of the lands on which we live, work and learn. We acknowledge their continuing connection to land, sea and community of Country. We pay respect to them and their Elders past, present and emerging and acknowledge and respect their continuing culture.